Given the portability of LPG/Propane as a fuel, portable cooling and heating is of particular interest to the aquaculture industry. For remote cooling applications, propane fuel fired cooling systems could significantly lower operating costs in comparison to using an electric air conditioner within an on-site generator set.  This may have an immediate aquaculture application where food quality would be improved if crops could be refrigerated or frozen in the field. In addition, these low temperature refrigeration systems could be run directly on a propane burner or operated on the exhaust heat from an internal combustion engine being used for power, transportation, or some agricultural engine driven process.

Propane’s distinctive characteristics as an easily stored and highly portable fuel create unique opportunities for aquaculture. Capitalizing on propane’s portability and efficiency in agricultural applications enhances the value propane offers to farmers.  

Also, considering the ever-tightening environmental regulations, propane offers a means to meet energy needs, without polluting the air, water or soil.  The industry recognises the full value of LPG/Propane through lower impact to the environment, lower energy costs and improved efficiency and productivity