Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems (or mCHP -micro-CHP- in smaller sizes), are relatively new systems that allow simultaneous generation of electricity, power and also heat. These systems offer an alternative to purchasing electricity from electricity grid suppliers.

This process, also commonly referred to as ‘cogeneration’, allows for heat and electricity to be produced simultaneously using a single fuel source and constitutes an energy efficient solution that can cut both carbon emissions and energy costs by generating electricity on site.

The component of the CHP system that converts fuel to useful work (prime mover) can be in the form of an internal/external combustion engine running on LPG. This prime mover is in turn connected to an electricity generator. 
Heat exchangers capture the residual heat produced and transfer for space heating or water heating purposes.

LPG-fueled CHP systems hence produce thermal and power output, addressing both heating and electrical needs for institutional, agricultural, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Micro-combined heat and power (micro-CHP) systems are a smaller scale version of standard CHP units (on the terms of the rated electrical output – up to 5kWe). Micro-CHP systems use an internal combustion engine, most efficiently fueled by LPG, to generate heat and power a small internal electrical generator. They are used mainly in residential developments and small businesses to both provide heat and generate electricity with higher efficiency and lower emissions levels than conventional heating and grid-supplied power systems.



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