LPG Fogger

LPG, propane thermal foggers produce a dense fog that will permeate foliage, cracks, crevices and other insect and rodent hiding places.  The device burns LPG/Propane gas to heat a heat assembly element, that vaporizes an insecticide from its liquid form that is pumped through the heat assembly, and sprays it out as a fog.  

They are better suited for outdoor usage, and create a dense cloud of fog with tiny particles, that can penetrate very small places such as cracks in the floor, walls, gaps between furniture and warehouse equipment etc.

This is a very effective and easy to use device, that can quickly collapse insect and rodent populations, leaving a safe pest free environment, with much less pesticide residues, if any, compared to other pesticide processes.

LPG/propane foggers, sometimes also called mosquito foggers, are amongst the best insect and pest control and repel systems to use to remove insects from the garden or the backyard. 

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