Pressure Washer

Super powered, LPG fueled, high pressure washers handle the toughest and most demanding cleaning applications. They are able to clean dirt and tough stains evenly and effectively.
These appliances make use of an ordinary water supply via a hose, the water is pressurized and then in case of hot-water units, heated by LPG to provide hot water at high pressure or wet steam.

Pressure washers come in 3 modes.

  • Hot water washers
  • Cold water washers
  • Steam Cleaners

Hot water pressure washers are best at jobs where significant amounts of oil or grease are present or if some heat reactive substance is being cleaned. While they  typically cost more than cold water models, they allow you to clean much more thoroughly and efficiently. Hot water pressure washers allow more thorough and efficient cleaningy.

LPG is a cleaner, more versatile power source for pressure washers.  LPG-powered washers are perfect for times when electrical outlets are inaccessible, and for customers who favour LPG to gasoline. 

Pressure washers have an expansive range of applications in domestic, commercial and industrial. 

Smaller units can be used for overall household cleaning (drives and walkways, vehicles, garden furniture and equipment) agricultural cleaning applications (dairy barns, livestock housing, farm equipment), commercial operators (cleaning agencies, car washes, restaurants).
Public institutions also use these appliances for cleaning public walkways, dumpsters and trash cans, boardwalks, public bathrooms, municipal fleets and ambulances amongst others.
Larger heavy duty units tackle the heavier duty commercial cleaning of industrial plants and equipment, larger public structures (subways, trains), construction sites and equipment, airports and aircrafts amongst others.    




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