Floor Grinding Machine

With the concrete processing industry still in its infancy, much of the terminology is used incorrectly. "Concrete polishing" is frequently used out of context; most often the correct terminology is "concrete processing," which describes a process not much different from other industries putting material such as stone, metal and optical lenses through a like process.

Concrete processing is the act of changing an existing concrete surface by means of a mechanical process that involves cutting and/or refining the surface to a desired finish. Floor grinding refers to completely removing old wax, soil and debris found on the floor. It is usually one of the most labor intensive and time consuming jobs in the professional cleaning industry.They work on the principle that greater speed, more aggression, better handling, and higher mechanical endurance saves time, saves labor, saves money.

The propane powered grindingg machine is a walk-behind, single operator machine used to restore unfinished, old or worn hard floor surfaces. It is a fast, efficient and affordable propane powered grinding and polishing machine for concrete, terrazzo, marble, stone and quarry tile floor surfaces.Whether you are a professional contractor or you are just renting a one, you need the efficient machine that make even hard work quick and easy. These machines are designed for deep scrubbing and/or fast stripping of hard surface floors in preparation for top coat or restoring of tile, terrazzo or close fitted tile.

More than just a buffer or polisher, the propane powered grinding machine is ideal for coating removal, surface preparation (for coating applications), floor stripping and deep scrubbing. Operators can easily switch from one application to the next with simple tool-free driver removal and installation procedures. Also he can easily change between metal, semi-metal and resin diamonds to coating removal, floor stripping or scrubbing pads with little down time.


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