Construction Industry

LPG’s highly portable nature is a major advantage for the construction industry. Building contractors use LPG for a variaty of needs, from earthworks to roofing, cutting and welding applications as well as drying out structures with industrial building driers and portable space heaters.

The advantages of LPG are not only experienced by builders during the construction process but also by home owners after construction work is done and their homes are set-up for daily use.

It is also important for construction professionals to help homeowners make wise energy choices. In many situations, modern LPG systems (for space heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying) can be aggregated by contractors and builders in order to deliver homes that save costs and are lighter on the environment. 




Power/Electricity Generators

Gas Lights and Lamps

Bitumen Melter

Brick Making Kilns/Ovens

Single Operator Asphalt sealer

Floor Burnisher, Buffer, Polisher

LPG / Propane Hammer

LPG/Propane Tamper, "Jumping Jack" or Rammer