Metals Industry

The metal industry is indeed one of the most important consumers of energy.  Energy is generally required for cutting, heating and melting applications.

Both ferrous (iron and steel) and non-ferrous (aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, tin etc) metals are frequently treated and cast into shapes by melting and then injection or pouring into suitable patterns and moulds.

Heat treatment of metals involves heating and cooling of the solid metal with the aim of modifying its physical properties through a process called annealing. Annealing is a process of slowly cooling glass to relieve internal stresses after manufacture. The cooling rate is very important because strains will be set up in the glass if it cools at undesired rate. Annealing is conducted most times in long ovens (‘tunnel’ ovens called “lehrs”) with the glass traveling through on a steel conveyor belt. LPG is used for direct firing and for finer temperature control.

LPG is an ideal fuel for efficiently meeting the requirements of temperature regulation and high product quality.

In metal cutting, LPG provides stable high temperature required to provide clean cuts. LPG ensures that melting operations are homogeneous due to its constant temperature control.

LPG is a far superior fuel when compared to the other heavy fuels due to its flexibility, flame stability, dependable constant pressure and fuel consistency. It helps to improve the cost of operation thus striking an economic balance between fuel price and end product quality.

LPG is clean burning – leaving no residue of sulphur, lead and carbon. This leads to minimum scaling losses. It is safe and poses no risk of overheating or blow back.

The fuel is used extensively in steel making and finishing processes.

It easily meets industry requirements and has been a favourite of steel manufacturers over the years to satisfy all their fuel needs.  It also offers good applications in forging, wire drawing, casting as well as steel cutting, hole-piercing and the welding of non-ferrous metals.




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