Railway, Railroad Switch Heaters

Railway line switches are crucial mechanisms that guide trains between tracks.  They are vulnerable to snow and ice, which can jam up the works and bring the railroad to a halt.  Railway line  switch heaters can be devices that use heated air to warm the area between moving and fixed components, or can use direct flame the generates uniform heat over the entire length of the switch. The heaters operate on LPG / Propane fuel and they provide controlled heat for any snow condition at low cost.  The optional heat retaining shields, increase efficiency in areas of high winds and/or very cold temperature. 

Propane, LPG is usually stored in multiple cylinders or in small tanks.  In some cases, particularily in yards located in major metropolitan areas, the switch heaters may be supplied via buried fixed piping in a local area grid.  A typical switch heater arrangement installed in the rail operating environment, usually consists of a propane tank, a feed line to the heater and the heater assembly with an automatic ignition system.

Switch heaters using a direct flame, apply heat where needed most, regardless of weather or humidity and they confine the open flames with no chance of damage to rails, ties, track equipment or insulation. Snow sensing systems installed on the devices, automatically start heaters as soon as the snow falls.  The heaters can also be manually controlled by dispatchers at a central control point.  These heaters are also built to last with minimum maintenance in the toughest weather or heavy traffic.

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