In the Air

With astronomical cost and environmental challenges facing the aviation industry in recent years, LP Gas remains the viable solution that can mitigate the two daunting challenges. LP gas influence is growing in the sector; it now powers ground service equipments such as pushback tug, baggage cars and handlers, air starters, belt loaders, tow trucks and catering vehicles in ensuring a hitch-free ground operation. Existing equipments at the airports can also be converted to run on propane autogas that is cheap, reliable and easy to maintain.

The benefit of such a switch shows LP gas is a game changer. The feedbacks suggest that ground service equipments powered by LP gas perform reliably and produce fewer emissions than similar equipment fueled by gasoline. The advantages of switching all ground service equipments cannot be over-emphasized. It assists airports to conduct pre- and post-flight operations more efficiently. Propane-fueled ground service equipment does not stratify like traditional diesel fuels when stationary for long periods of time. In terms of environment friendly, it emits an average of 33 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline-fueled ground service equipments at airports.