Agricultural Tractors

LPG, propane powered agricultural tractors are not new in the market, the first ones were manufactured and sold in the US in the late 1940’s. However, even though new models with different characteristics had emerged over the course of several decades, in 1970’s, diesel engines took over and LPG was gradually phased out as a fuel for farm tractors.

However, as it’s known, everything new is well-forgotten old, and the latest events indicate that LPG tractors will soon be back with brand new technology that can change the perception of environmentally responsible agriculture and especially in organic farming. At the Farm Progress Show, a Dutch Company presented a methane powered tractor, while other manufactures have announced they are already working on bringing LPG tractors back to the market. 

Tractors are used intensively in farming operation. The development and adoption of heavy duty LPG engines for these tractors can be for the farming industry a significant step forwards towards more economical, more efficient and more environmentally friendly operations.

The LPG industry embraces challenges and opportunities to develop growth in agricultural markets and help farmers increase profitability.

LPG is already ideally suited in field applications that require energy away from natural gas grid or electricity, where diesel and gasoline are frequently used today. However, since LPG is a clean fuel, it can replace diesel and gasoline in engine uses, while generating a fraction of their emissions.

Switch to a clener fuel as LPG, Propane, can easily be justified in terms of cost, productivity, and environmental performance.

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