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Kart racing is generally accepted as the most economic form of motorsport available on four wheels. As a free-time activity, it can be performed by almost anybody and authorize licensed racing for anyone from the age of 8 onward.

Karting is an exciting motor sport, facilitating many future driving champions to discover their talents and master their abilities since their youth. Now, apart from helping young racers develop their skills, carting can also instruct them how to be eco-friendly.

This sport can be practiced indoors and outdoors on special go kart tracks. It’s not surprising that because of the safety and environmental considerations LPG go karts were introduced by some major GoKarts manufacturers, especially when talking about indoor racing where children are frequent visitors.

GoKarting centers that feature only autogas-powered karts are being launched in the world since 2013. It doesn’t only keep the costs down, but also it teaches young drivers and their parents how to efficiently cut harmful emissions without necessarily adopting complex and costly technology, using readily available LPG instead. 

The motor for this type of GoKarts is assembled to run exclusively on LPG, which is fed through a specially developed autogas carburettor. Autogas engines work through internal combustion, with a revolving piston that powers the crankshaft of the engine. They range from standard 5  to 20 horsepower models and even more advanced designs that can reach up to 90 horsepower and speeds of over 300 kilometres an hour.

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