Hot Air Balloons

Hot air balloons are world’s oldest and quietest human flight technology. They are today a huge attraction for leisure enthusiasts and in the past, corporate hot air balloons have been used significantly as promotional tools brand/corporate awareness.

LPG is the most commonly used fuel these hot air balloons. The use of safe handling procedures ensures that LPG is a safe and efficient fuel.

Commercial fuel for hot air balloons comes mostly in the form of propane but is sometimes supplied as a mixture of propane and other Liquefied Petroleum Gases such as butane, butylene and propylene. These mixtures can be used as hot air balloon fuel provided adequate fuel pressure can be obtained.

To keep the balloon rising, the air is required to be reheated. Hot air balloons do this with a burner positioned under an open balloon envelope. As the air in the balloon cools, the pilot can reheat it by firing the burner.

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