LPG Portable Scooters

The LPG powered scooter, utilises a propane cylinder, of the type used for camp stoves. The propane cylinder is attached to the rear deck of the scooter, in front of the engine.  These can cylinders give the scooter, a range of 30 to 40 miles (48 to 64 km) or two to three hours. Propane is much cleaner-burning than gasoline and has a higher energy density – so less of it is needed to do the same amount of work. The propane cylinders can also be reused depending on manufacturer recommendations.

A propane-powered scooter with similar performance as an electric powered type is significantly lighter in weight and more affordable than its electrical counterpart. Propane canisters are also easily available and can be found at most hardware and camping stores.

Additionally, clean propane fuel does not act like a solvent, as does gasoline, so crank case oil is not quickly contaminated, which lessens the need for frequent oil changes.



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