Ski Resorts

Ski resorts and ski areas consitute an integral part of the recreational activities patronized by many holiday makers and sports enthusiasts. Long winters and frigid temperatures in these ski areas, require a lot and reliable heating.  In certain areas, heating such large facilities with electricity alone is both impractical and sometimes prohibited.  In Vermont, USA, for example, new commercial buildings are not allowed to use electric resistance heating appliances.  Ski resorts and ski areas require consistent and uninterrupted power supply, to meet the large energy demands for the hotels, water parks, as well as to fuel a variety of other amenities throughout these resorts.     

LPG, Propane is vertsatile enough to be deliverd to remote, rural locations such as Ski resorts, and powerful enough to fuel the sophiscated, high-efficiency demands for these areas.   LPG is also a cleaner burning fuel in comparison to liquid hydrocarbons. 



Ice Resurfacing Machines (Zamboni)

Portable Camping Space Heaters / Tent Heaters