The importance of a flexible, reliable and cost-effective energy source for owners of restaurants bars and pubs cannot be overstated. In order to cater to guests and ensure seamless operations, a controllable energy supply is required for cooking in the kitchen, heating, hot water and oten power. Building and renovating with LPG appliances can help the owners of these businesses cut energy costs and deliver the key performance amenities that are vital to their business.

A constant supply of heating and hot water is vital for guests in the hospitality and catering industries. LPG is an extremely efficient and cost-effective method of providing central heating and on-demand hot water.
Furthermore, although some rural locations may provide perfect picturesque settings, they come with the drawback of being beyond the mains energy supply. LPG is the alternative fuel of choice because for these businesses because it is competitively priced and cost effective, it provides easily integrated heating systems with relatively low investment costs as well as quick payback on equipment costs as well as the fact that it is more environmentally friendly than oil and electricity, LPG fireplaces are also often found in restaurants, bars, hotels for heating, to create a warm corner and atmosphere or simply as decoration.

Perfectly cooked food is the essential ingredient for successful catering. LPG offers the flexibility and reliability to keep commercial kitchens running with LPG stoves, ovens, fryers, burners, roasters, flamers etc..
Chefs like LPG for its instant heat on ignition, visible flame, responsiveness, even distribution of heat across the base of cooking implements as well as rapid cooling. It also burns efficiently without any black smoke and makes washing up easier as it doesn’t leave marks on cooking utensils.Who does not dream a perfectly cooked stake on an LPG barbeque outside?

Additional applications

The flexibility of LPG means that its perfect not only for central heating and catering, but also for a number of other applications including outdoor heating, outdoor lighting or back-up generators.

  • It can power the latest air conditioning units as an alternative to electricity
  • It is perfect for patio heaters and barbecue grills that keep your guests warm and fed whilst dining outdoors
  • LPG-powered standby generators provide insurance against power cuts for businesses that can’t afford to be affected by storms, unpredictable weather as well as unreliable power supply. -On-site incinerators provide a solution to the increasing cost of waste disposal
  • Mosquito killers and midge eaters are especially suited for patios and poolside areas


Domestic Cooking Stove, Cooker

LPG Barbecues

Plancha Grills

Flame Burners and Torches for the Kitchen and the Bar

Autogas Vehicles

Power/Electricity Generators

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Hybrid Water Heater

Water Heater (Tankless)

LPG Gas Heat Pump

Pressure Washer

Mosquito Trap

LPG Portable Heater

Gas Lights and Lamps

Baking Oven

Radiant Ceramic Heaters

Water Heaters (Tanked)

LPG Refrigerators, freezers and coolers

LPG Coffee Machine

Patio Heaters

Floor Burnisher, Buffer, Polisher

Portable Camping Space Heaters

LPG Hog Spit Roaster

Fireplaces for Indoors and Outdoors

Flame Towers

LPG Torch for Melting Ice and Snow

Deep Fryers

LPG Incinerating Toilet