Construction, Building activities

Construction experts look more and more recently for alternative energy sources in aiming at higher production, efficiency, lower costs, environmental benefits and protection of the heatlth of their staff . In recent years, the use of LPG has grown exponentially due to LPG advantages over other fuel and power sources.

LPG is widely use in renovation activities such as paint or lacquer removal from doors, weather-boards, furniture & window frames. In addition to paint removal, it is widely use in space heating during works, power generation for electrical equipment, lighting, soldering, welding, drilling, concrete treatment and much more.

It is available everywhere, it is portable and easily transportable ready for use in any location. LPG proves to be much more cost effective for heaters and drillers offering both economic and environmental advantages.



Autogas Vehicles

Power/Electricity Generators

Solar Hybrid Light Tower

Pressure Washer

LPG Portable Heater

Gas Lights and Lamps

Flame Burners and Blow Torches

Brick Making Kilns/Ovens

Floor Burnisher, Buffer, Polisher

LPG Driven Engine Welders

LPG / Propane Hammer

LPG Torch for Melting Ice and Snow

LPG/Propane Tamper, "Jumping Jack" or Rammer