Cremation Services

For various reasons, more people cremate their loved once after death. Some people turn to cremation over burial or entombment because of the convenience, finding it more practical or cheaper to handle ashes instead of a body. Others do it due to their background and convictions while other practice cremation for spiritual and religious believes. However, due to human body composition, it contains a negative caloric value requiring higher level of energy for preheating the furnace to combust it.

As a result, cremators rely on diverse sources of energy to cremate. Though cremators use electricity, coal, fuel wood, coal, and coke for their services, LPG remains the fuel of choice and is often used to heat the burners due to its high temperature.

The benefit of using LPG for cremation services includes control of air pollution. Apart from the environmental benefits, the flue gases cremation chambers generates because t hey are at a very high temperature, are recovered as thermal energy used for space heating of the funeral chapel, or other facilities or for distribution into local district heating networks.



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