LPG Microturbines

Power generation with LPG is continously gaining ground due to the numerous advantages of the product.

Power generation with LPG Microturbines is a relatively new application in the market, although the technology is not new. These are relatively small machines. Technologically, they are generaly capable of using multiple fuels, including common commercially available types of LPG, to drive a small turbine that powers an electric generator.  They can be assembled into multipack units in a modular form, for projects from 5MW to 10MW. Such modern units are packaged with integrated digital protection, synchronization, and controls.  They produce high combined heat and power efficiencies and can address various energy needs including primary power, peak shaving, back-up power, as well as thermal or cooling needs. Due to their modular concept, the various units can be switched on and off in adequate number, to meet the power demand.

LPG Microturbines can be used in distributed power generation applications including cogeneration, resource recovery, secure power, and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). 



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