Camping & Outdoor Cooking Stoves

When camping, some kind of camping stove is usually a necessity. It is a highly useful addition to the camping experience. For the caravanner equipped with a fully-featured cooker and grill, a camping stove is still a useful and fun way of staying out of doors to make the most of summer weather. 
These stoves are generally categorized by fuel type. Kerosene, methyl alcohol, and white gas (also known as camp fuel or naphtha) are the most common liquid fuels, whilst LPG and its variants (butane, isobutane, and propane) are the primary compressed gas fuels. For the beginner or occasional campers, LPG is generally selected as the best choice.

Camping stoves play also an important role for food preparation in remote field working teams outside, remote construction sites, like road and rail works.   Camping stoves are also equally important in emergency applicatons. 



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