LPG forklifts are used to engage, lift, and transfer palletized loads in warehousing, manufacturing, materials handling, and construction applications both indoors and outdoors. Diesel, electricity and LPG are the ‘big three’ when it comes to fuel for fork lift trucks and each of the options has advantages and disadvantages but electricity and diesel do not compare well to the cleaner, greener LPG option.

Increasing the work hours of electric forklifts may require customers to either equip their existing fleet of electric trucks with extra batteries, or hold more forklift trucks in reserve.  This option would also require storage space for the additional batteries or additional reserve trucks.  LPG forklifts are reliable and run without interruption, except when conducting a scheduled maintenace or when replacing the gas bottle.  Reserves trucks are also not required for LPG forklift trucks.  When considering cost against the required operating time and distance travelled, LPG forklift trucks acutally provide a lower total cost of ownership in comparison to electric forlift truks.  The fast and relaible service obtanied with LPG forklift trucks, provide users to provide quick responses to customer requests, reducing production downtime.


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