Fuel Cell Power Generators

Fuel Cell technology for power, electricity generation, although still not widely used, is a very promising technlology for the future.

Fuel cells electrochemically convert the energy in conventional LPG / propane directly into electrical power, rather than burn or combust the fuel to create electricity, as is the case with other technologies. Providing similar benefits with other power generators (and with many additional advantages) they allow businesses to continue operating when power is not available, in off grid areas or through power outages. Being able to provide continuous power, besides their emergency backup function, utility companies can use them as additional distributed power sources that can ease congestion on the grid.  Fuel cells are more efficient and deliver more usable energy from the same amount of fuel than traditional technologies. 

Often, the ability to combine multiple units in parallel, enables fuel cell power generator systems to handle varying load needs. An LPG / Propane fuel cell power generator is perfectly suited to provide remote power in the harshest of conditions and can be used in a variety of applications and market segments such as:

  • Oil & Gas - Cathodic Protection, SCADA, Sensors and Instrumentation, Valve and Pump actuation
  • Mining and Construction - Surveillance, Light towers
  • Off-Grid Telecom and Radio - Microwave Repeater Stations, Radio Transmitters, Cellular Base Stations
  • Railroad - Signaling, communications for Positive Train Control (PTC)
  • Road works signalisation
  • Environmental Monitoring - Wind profiling, Meteorology Monitoring Stations, Environmental measurements

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