Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers are ground care equipment used to cut grass. They are produced in varying models and sizes to suit different domestic and commercial needs. Domestic mowers are traditionally powered by gasoline (petrol) whilst electric mowers also rose to prominence in more recent years (corded and cordless models). 
LPG mowers however are now also becoming increasigly available in various sizes and manufacturer models. Zero-turn (ZTR) riding mowers are the most popular mowers, however many manufacturers also offer walk-behind and stand-on options. ZTR mowers drive faster than other models and can pivot 180 degrees without leaving a circle of uncut grass. LPG’s high octane rating and low carbon and oil contamination result in reduced maintenance costs and longer engine life. Conversion kits are also available that enable gasoline-fueled mowers to run on LPG / propane.

Case Studies

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