Parking Lots

Parking lots require broad, quality and efficient lighting for safety, security and vehicle identification. Adequate lighting ensures visibility for drivers, safety and security for pedestrians, and enhancing visual appeal of the architecture. LPG can provide the much needed reliable and stable power services needed for a smooth and efficient running of parking lots.

In remote parking lots and countries where power is epileptic, LPG can be used to generate power to run any equipment. With near total reliance on gasoline and diesel power generators, the operating costs of running these essential services is on the rise. LPG generators provide parking lots contractors and management a viable, tested, trusted, clean and cheap alternative to the traditional gasoline and diesel power generating sets around the world.

During winter and cold periods, LPG heaters can provide the needed warmth for the comfort of the staff, either indoors or outdoors.

Apart from lighting and heating, other equipment and appliances that run on LPG can be also used for other services like eg cleaning. Debris from the sides of the building and sidewalks into the parking lot area can be cleaned with LPG pressure washers to blast away dirt, natural deposits and air pollution grime. Other LPG fueled equipment also used are power blowers, vacuum cleaners, sweepers, steam cleaners (e.g. automotive fluid stains) and gum cleaners.



Power/Electricity Generators

Solar Hybrid Light Tower

Pressure Washer

Steam Car Washer

Street Cleaning Vehicle

Single Operator Asphalt sealer

Chewing Gum Removal

LPG Torch for Melting Ice and Snow