Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum on the floor is a familiar sight on all kinds of street pavements, hall floors, doorways, entrance mats, carpets etc., very difficult to remove, it leaves a sticky residue on all surfaces.

Chewing gum removal needs to be fast, efficient and environmentally friendly. To be effective, different methods may need to be employed to remove gum from the various types of surfaces.

This new technology is based on steam, which is produced using LPG. The use of LPG means no external power source needed, no generators, trailing electric cables, hoses and all the many difficulties associated with other chewing gum removal machines. 

The LPG gum cleaning machine contains a small LPG canister, a built in reservoir for the cleaning solution, a rechargeable battery and a little pump. The battery powers the pump, which injects the cleaning fluid into the vaporiser while the LPG powers the heating unit built into the machine. The whole unit is easily manoeuvred on its wheels meaning no strain on the operator's arm or a requirement to carry anything. This machine is designed to ensure fast, reliable and easy operation with maximum chewing gum removal using chemical steam mixture to dissolve the chewing gum, which can be then brushed away.

This technology means that the gum is actually dissolved, and almost always entirely disappears in the bubbles. Any residue left is not sticky any more – gone forever are the black patches where the dirt adheres to the sticky remains

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