Single Operator Asphalt sealer

Using Asphalt cracker Sealer with a professional asphalt crack machine to properly fill cracks in pavement, prior to applying new seal coating is easily the most important aspect of proper asphalt maintenance. Many professionals will tell you that crack filling is even more important because it safe guards against moisture from penetrating the crack and causing larger problems such as "Alligator Asphalt" and soft spots under the pavement, which will create Pot Holes. LPG/Propane crack sealers are designed to melt and apply hot pour rubberized crack filler that expands in the crack when drying and setting.

It also has removable handles making it easy to store when space is limited. This is one of the biggest reasons professionals prefer to use our asphalt crack machine as it eliminates the need for bulky equipment, squeegees and extra man power.


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