Street Cleaning Vehicle

The growing need to address environmental concerns and to meet international and domestic obligations (federal, state and municipal air quality requirements) makes development of low emission street cleaning vehicles inevitable. LPG street sweepers, street cleaning vehicles, remove debris from roadways to improve community health and safety. They also triumph in the most challenging cleaning conditions.

Industries also are increasingly putting their trust on LPG sweepers when the cleaning involves a range of materials from fine dust to large gravel, streets and sidewalks, including heavy industrial applications in large areas such as warehouses, loading docks, parking bays etc.

Apart from the environmental advantages of LPG powered sweepers, their fueling is easy which makes operator's job easier and safer. The fuel storage area allows for maximum sweeper operation.

Utilizing the very latest advancements in technology, LPG powered sweepers are specifically engineered to provide the highest degree of performance, safety, and simplicity.


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