Theatres, Cinemas

Theatres and cinemas are one of the popular places where fun lovers  enjoy movies, block busters and relax nerves in their leisure period.  LPG applications can aid cinemas to run optimally.  LPG can be used to provide various services such as  cleaning, lighting, powering of equipments, heating, cooling amongst other functions.

 High number of people visit cinemas on a daily basis generating waste and dirt in and around the cinemas. Nothing is more frustrating than a dirty seat or sticky armrest when on an evening out at the theatre or cinema. In the entertainment industry the cleanliness of foyers, ticket areas, bars, washrooms and all the public areas of your building will make a strong contribution to the overall impression that your customers receive. LPG applications can be used to clean carpet and upholstry in cinemas with instant dry time and no noise at all. Specifically, LPG vacuum cleaners are revered for their superior suck up of dust and dirt, ease of movement, hardiness and exceptional cleaning ability of cinemas across the world. LPG powered pressure washers also handle the toughest and most demanding cleaning parts in and around the cinema.

LPG can also be used to power cinemas equipments especially in developing countries where electricity is epileptic. LPG generators provide a source of constant power supply for lighting purposes. In addition to this, LPG refrigerators can be used for cooling. The two most common ways of producing cold water and cold air using LPG is with the use of evaporators as well as heat pumps. Cold water and cold air are utilized in cinemas to control temperatures, quench thirst and pressures amongst others functions.

During the cold period, LPG heaters provide comfort and warmth for cinemas across the world.



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