Traffic and Railway Construction

LPG can have a good role to play as a fuel source in the traffic and rail construction industry, in drilling, flame cutting, welding, heating, bending, concrete breaking, asphalt cutting, ballast tamping and fastening and other multifunction tasks. As a fuel for power generation it provides electricity for light and use of electrical equipment. 

LPG is an environmentaly friendly, clean-burning, sustainable and efficient fuel. As a decentralised energy source, it is vital for the remotely working professionals at road work, and rail work sites, including providing heating during the cold seasons while working outside or serving for cooking. 

It can also be used to power fork lift trucks and other off-road and on-road vehicles used in such construction sites.




Power/Electricity Generators

Camping & Outdoor Cooking Stoves

Gas Lights and Lamps

Flame Burners and Blow Torches

Bitumen Melter

LPG Driven Engine Welders

LPG / Propane Hammer

Railway, Railroad Switch Heaters

Rail Heater Car

LPG/Propane Tamper, "Jumping Jack" or Rammer