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LPG or more comonly called Autogas when used for automotive purposes, is a true alternative to traditional fuels. Fast and economical to switch to, it is a clean, environmentally friendly option. These features have made Autogas the most widely used alternative fuel in the world. Over 23 million drivers, have already chosen it for their vehicle and it is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world, just behind gasoline and diesel.

It is an environmentally friendly fuel that does not emit polluting particles and it also reduces noise pollution in towns and cities.

  • Autogas is a green, clean burning alternative fuel
  • In many countries, Autogas is less expensive than gasoline or diesel
  • Autogas is affordable to implement
  • Autogas is intrinsically safer than many other fuels
  • Autogas is reliable
  • Autogas is an alternative energy source that is ready now

Autogas in many countries costs around half the price of petrol or diesel enabling businesses and individual to save significantly on their running costs, in addition to the environmental benefits. Driving an LPG vehicle is safe, easy and, efficient compared to diesel or petrol vehicles. Environment wise, it constitutes a great option emitting less CO2 to the atmosphere aiding the efforts against global warming, reduction of carbon foot print while allowing for financial gains. For businesses and profesionals, running vehicles on LPG sends positive environmental messages about the organization.



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