Street Food & Roadside Catering

In many countries, street food, roadside catering, food trucks, market catering, catering and food in open air events is part of life. LPG plays a major role in all these open air cooking and kitchen activities and is most often the principal source of energy. 

Available in various types of cylinder configurations, LPG is the fuel of choice as perfectly mobile, providing controllable heat for all cooking needs, as well as being used for lighting, to produce power with LPG generators, cleaning with LPG pressure washers, or outdoor heating with LPG patio and other heaters. 

There is a wide variety of equipment and appliances to cover all needs of street food, road side, market catering and outdoor catering event activities. 


Plancha Grills

Flame Burners and Torches for the Kitchen and the Bar

Power/Electricity Generators

Pressure Washer

LPG Refrigerators, freezers and coolers

LPG Hog Spit Roaster

Flame Towers

Fuel Cell Power Generators