Festival Sites

Every year thousands of festival sites open for fun lovers across the world. LPG applications can be used to provide all forms of services such as cooking, lighting, cooling, heating and cleaning.

LPG can be used as a cooking fuel in festival site without environmental concern associated with other alternatives. LPG is cleaner and more efficient than traditional cooking fuels. New LPG cook stoves are more efficient than kerosene cook stoves due to reduction of heat loss. The CO2 emission factor of this fuel is 12% lower than kerosene’s CO2 emission factor making it suitable for outside cooking.  LPG powered portable and larger barbecue grill and gas pizza ovens units are popular and common ways of guaranteeing delicacies and maximum satisfaction at various festivals. Outdoor gas fryers and stoves are also available and are very reliable choices for cooking festival sites cooking.

Furthermore, in most festival sites that lack constant and reliable power supply, LPG can be used as a source of power supply. LPG generators may be used to provide lighting in and around the festival sites.LPG powered lamps, gas candles, bulb, floodlights can also be used to provide a practical or aesthetic effect at festival sites.

As regards cleaning of festival sites, it is one of the most difficult jobs to handle during and after festivals. Due to the high number of people that attend festivals, constant cleaning of the floor and the environment are essential. LPG vacuum cleaners, sweepers, gum removals can be used to clean festival sites. These applications are known for their superior suck-up of dust and dirt, ease of movement, hardiness and exceptional cleaning ability around the world. LPG powered pressure washers can also handle the toughest and most demanding cleaning parts in and around the festival sites.

For festivals held during winter, LPG heaters provide heating for warmth and hot water in the bathrooms. In terms of cooling and air-conditioning during the warm periods,  producing cold water and cold air using LPG heat pumps is common across the world. Cold water and cold air are vital for temperature control, thirst and pressures amongst others functions.



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